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Supreme Court Certified Workers’ Compensation Attorneys.

Because the New Jersey Supreme Court has done your homework for you. 

Both Brandon DeNafo and Adam Walcoff have demonstrated to the Supreme Court they have the experience, knowledge and skill to be considered an expert in the field of Workers’ Compensation Law.  Through a rigorous application and testing process developed by the New Jersey Supreme Court’s Workers’ Compensation Law Committee, the Board of Attorney Certification of the Supreme Court designates the successful applicant as “Certified Workers’ Compensation Law Attorney,” a designation less than 1% of all New Jersey attorneys ever attain.  Mr. DeNafo and Mr. Walcoff are experts in Workers’ Compensation Law according to the New Jersey Supreme Court and have been for years.

We Are Workers’ Compensation Experts.

Get better. Then get back to life.

When a work accident occurs, we know your concern is first to get better and then to get back to life. We strive to ensure that your work injury is addressed by competent medical professionals and that you obtain all the necessary treatment to cure and relieve your injuries. At times, you may be taken out of work while your medical treatment is rendered. We will make certain you receive the temporary disability benefits so that your bills are paid while you remain out of work.

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